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Find everything you need to know about each hunt we provide right here! West Texas waterfowl hunting has reached many hunters expectations from the benefits we have. Double T Waterfowl brings the best blinds (A-frame/Layout), guides and decoys on the market to make it the most successful hunt possible. Hunters are required to place deposits to lock in dates, these deposits are non refundable. It is recommended that each hunter brings their own headlamps prior to the hunt. If you would like to bring your own dog please make sure its cleared with the guide and group before doing so. However if the dog does interfere with the hunt he will be asked to be taken back to the truck.  Cleaning and bagging of the birds are included.  


West Texas Sandhill Crane Hunts

 Sandhill crane season starts on October 28th and ends January 28th. Price per hunter $375

Canadian Geese Hunts

Dark geese season starts November 4th and ends February 4th. West Texas is surrounded by corn, winter wheat, milo, peanuts- that's punctuated with countless shallow playa lakes. Which is beneficial for all guided hunts we provide. Price per hunter $375


  • Hunting License and Stamps- ​

  • Sandhill crane- Migratory game bird endorsement, Federal sandhill crane permit(free), Hip certification

  • Geese/duck- Migratory game bird endorsement, Hip certification & Federal duck stamp

  • Dove- Migratory game bird endorsement & Hip certification  

  • Shotgun and Shells- 20 or 12 gauge is adequate for our hunts. Also, we recommend to have either a modified or improved modified choke.

  • Cooler - to take home your wild game.

  • Outerwear- we recommend checking the weather prior leaving for each hunt to dress appropriately for that day.

  • Rain Gear- always recommended to bring especially with the West Texas weather.

  • Camo Patterns- keep things on the hardwoods or marsh end of the spectrum.

  • Most Importantly be ready to have a good time!

Snow Geese Hunts

Snow geese season starts on November 4th and ends February 4th. After that then conservation season starts on February 5th and ends March 10. For those who don't know what conservation season is, its where you are able to pull your plugs out of your gun, use e-callers, and have no bag limit meaning you can shoot as many snow geese as you want. Price per hunter $375

  • Blinds- A framed and layout

  • Decoys- Deception full bodys

  • Retrievers


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